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Raw cocoa cashew bars

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They must be the best energy bars that I've made so far!
No baking involved makes the perfect summer delight, that you can make in winter too, & the cocoa flavour combined with cashews is simply divine!

Another special addition are the mixed dried fruit that complete perfectly their taste! 

I call this begginers luck!
This was my first try to make delicious bars and I've made it! Just the way I imagined it to be.
Please do not skip and replace the cocoa butter, which is essencial if you want to get this amazing taste and get a nice compact structure! 










  • 200 g raw not salted cashews
  • 50 g raw almonds
  • 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 80 g cocoa butter
  • 200 g mixed dried fruit ( 3-4 figs, about 5-6 dates, cranberries) 

Chop roughly the dried fruit and pour over some hot water. Leave them to soften and soak for about 15-20 minutes. 

In the meantime toast the cashews and almonds on an oil free pan.
When they have browned and toasted a bit, transfer them on a tray to cool for a little while before blending them completely.
Before you blend, separate a handful of the cashews for later.

When you get cashew flour, take it out and blend roughly the remaining handful.
Combine them all together in a separate bowl. 

Take the soaked fruit and throw away the water or use it for later (smoothie, "juice"...)
Place the fruit in a blender and try to make a thick paste.

You will have to scrape down the fruit from the walls of the blender a couple of times and place it in the middle.
Do the best you can, it doesn't matter if there remains some small fruit chunks.
The important thing is that all the fruit has combined together and formed some sort of paste. 
After you've pulsed a few times, pour in some melter cocoa butter to ease the process.

The rest of the melted cocoa butter will be poured directly over the cashews.
Stir in the cocoa powder in here as well.

Transfer the fruit with one half of the cocoa butter to the cashews and stir by hand using a spatula of some sort, trying to combine all the ingredients well.

Place the mixture on a tray lined with parchment paper, even the top with your hands and press the whole thing onto the tray.
Leave it to cool for a few minutes on room temperature and then transfer it into the freezer to set some more.

The cocoa butter is generally great for raw desserts because it gives a great taste and it set the mixture well and fast.

When the bars mix has set, take it out of the freezer, slice the bars, place in an air tight container made out of glass and store in freezer!

A super healthy and tasty treat to enjoy instead of the store bought cookies, icecreams or even chocolate. :)