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Make it Healthy is my favourite project that I actually live on a daily basis. I initiated the blog in September 2013 to motivate myself and others to an active lifestyle! I think this was the best decision I have ever made! As a fitness addict, making my health a priority was the next logical step. An early discovered passion for desserts transformed my kitchen into a „lab“ where I experiment with „real“ ingredients to create tasty, gulit free treats that I can incorporate in my everyday life. Keeping a healthy body means also being active and using natural products for the body, which is why I am trying to give all my experience in that area as well. With the hope that everyone can find a little something for themselves in my corner and perhaps learn something new, I thank you for your visit! Be the best version of you and live a happy & healthy life! 

Make it healthy…because health comes first!


  • October 2014 - today, cooperation with the croatian web portal „Dobra hrana“
  • 20th November 2014., blog presentation on the croatian web portal „Dom i stil“
  • December 2014, winner of the contest „Kuhaj u ritmu jeseni 2014“ of the web portal „Zdrava krava“
  • December 2014, Christmas edition, Sensa magazine (paper issue)
  • January 2015, Big sugar editorial about sugar substitutes, Sensa magazine (paper issue)
  • May 2015 - today, cooperation with the web portal „Zdrava krava“, recipe developer
  • December 2015,  " Zdrave i slasne blagdanske slastice", Christmas gluten free dessert creation for the croatian magazine 100 POSTO prirodno
  • December 2015, cooperation with the croatian fitness web portal Fitness.com.hr, recipe developer
  • December 18th 2015, workshop on the Advent week in Zagreb in the Karas gallery, "Festival božićnih kolača i kolačića"
  • June 2016, cooperation with the web portal Ljekarnik.hr, recipe developer
  • June 2016, cooperation with the web fitness portal Index Fit (Index.hr), recipe developer
  • December 29th 2016, article about Make it Healthy & one published recipe in the croatian magazine for women "Ljepota i Zdravlje"
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