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End of the year, memories, new wishes

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My 2016, new goals and wishes and another great BOOK RECOMMENDATION!

One more year behind our backs...december has always been for me a month of reminissing over the time that has passed and of nostalgia, a month of love and warmth, but also of thoughts about new goals and plans of how to achieve them. 

Last december I wasn't really motivated for life and I was actually searching for my own way to get myself out of the "low" mood and return my will for all the things I looked forward to before and the things that inspired me, the will for life actually. The death of your loved one always empties you in a way, especially when it happens unexpectedly, so it is a real struggle trying to get back on track with an honest smile on your face.

Among many things, I decided to take an empty jar and throw in all my breaking and happy moments from 2016 in order to collect as much as possible unforgettable nice memories that have marked me.

Soon, I will be opening my first jar full of moments from 2016, but I already have a new one ready for 2017, that I am really excited about.

In a way, it's a "scrapbook"of your year and as you will be reading all your small notes it will be as you were turning pages of your own photo album and looking at photos of your memorable moments.

It's no secret that I've been also reading a looooot this year....and mostly psychological self helping books!

I have already written about my breaking books that made me open my eyes and look at life with a different perspective, but there is still one little fun book that found it's own way to ma hands in order to sum up everything I've learned this year, but with a nice dose of humor!

I am talking about the beautiful book of an interesting title: "The elephant who lost its happiness", of a buddhist australian author Ajahn Brahm.

By reading just the first page of the book, I new I nailed my choice!

I found myself in many life situations written in the book, where Ajahn Brahm offers such simple solutions with a great amount of humor.

The stories are short and simple, accesible and honestly, they cross my mind almost daily when facing some situations and I catch myself thinking on how to approach them and see my own reaction at times.

I realized I can be impulsive and impatient at times, with no particular reason, which leads to a negative reaction toward others. I used to also blame others for my own stupid situations and now I kind of catch myself by the sleeve to stop me because I realize I can hurt somebody's feelings like this and at the end hurt myself

Here are some quotes from the book, translated by me, so don't mind some mistakes...

"Let your mind be like an empty shelf, with enough space to enjoy the gift that is always new.- the moment of now, the present."

"When you're tired, learn to rest, not to quit!"

"When you step in dog shit, don't get mad and clean it off your shoe. Smile instead and take it home. You can shake it off your shoes under an apple tree in your garden. Next year, there will be more apples and they will be sweeter and juicier. But when you take a bite you must remember it is dog poop that you're actually eating...now turned into a juicy apple!

Also, when you find yourself in any life crisis, it is like you have just stepped into a dog poop. Instead of getting angry, feel down and bitter, bring it home and bury it deep into your heart. Soon, you will be wiser and more compassionate. Remember, what is actually all that juicy wisdom and sweet love? Just a dog shit turned into something else...

The problem of many people today. They live in their flats, cut off from nature, without a garden where the shit can turn into juicy fruit."


This October I finally visited my dear friend in Milan who gave me a special little gift, watch out now...a colouring book! 

On the front page there was written "Antistress colouring book for relaxation and peace". I thought it was a wonderful gift, especially since we haven't seen each other for such a long time and she knows how difficult the past year was for me when I lost in a way a big part of myself when I was left alone, a part that was actually here all along within me, I just needed some time to realize that and find it.

Even so, to be completely honest, I though I would never even touch it because "Let's be honest, who has time for that?!".

So, when we came back from all our journeys in November, since I am currently not employed anywhere in particular, I realized it was finally time just for myself, to develop and focus on me.

One morning, I bought myself some crayons and just went for it....

Karen, I send you a big hug and a huge thank you! Turns out this little notebook was endeed ideal for relaxation, but also for inspiration!

Ps. This is how I encouraged myself and finally started working on one of many projects I have in mind. Hopefully, soon I will tell you more about it!

I felt like a little girl again that used to spend afternoons in the bedroom, colouring and scrabble, drawing and enjoying, meanwhile developing my imagination.

My suggestion: "Buy a colouring book!" :D

Lastly, my wishes to you and to me...

Learn how to let go, close your eyes and really see and feel, set a goal and go for it, after all the downs find your way to get up with courage and strenght, travel, learn, less fear and open your mind. Find your inner peace and live!

I am glad for all the bad things and situations that happened in miy life, the mistakes I made, well, I am human!

Now I know more, love more, appreciate more and I have even let my heart to open again and fell in love!

Now, I will take a blank paper that will say 2017.

All my wishes, dreams and inspiration will be written on that piece of paper.

I will write down everything, read it and add things and next december...we will know more. :)

THANK YOU for reading and following, this little corner and you are my great inspiration!